CMSUD entered into an agreement with CareFlite in 2017, which enabled every customer on our system the ability to receive CareFlite services for $1 a month.   CMSUD includes this $1 a month on the monthly water bill.  This is not a mandatory fee and you have the right to opt out of this membership. (see "Opt Out Form" on this page)

When this agreement began, every customer was sent the Public Notice (see "Public Notice" on this page) and was given the opportunity to opt out at that time.  Additionally, every new customer is provided the information upon applying for water/wastewater service and explained their option to opt out.

This $1 a month membership provides air and ground transport service via CareFlite for every person in your household.

* If you have insurance and utilize the transport service, you will not pay anything additionally to CareFlite for the service. 

* If you do not have insurance and you utilize the transport service, CareFlite will bill you for 50% of the normal transport fee. 

* If you are unsure if you need this membership, you should contact your insurance company and discuss this membership with them or call CareFlite and discuss it with their support representatives. 

CMSUD assumes no responsibility of the policies and procedures of CareFlite, nor has any control of the policies and procedures of CareFlite.  We are simply enabling you, our customers, an opportunity to be a member of CareFlite at a reduced fee.

CMSUD includes the $1 per month on the monthly water/wastewater bills, collects the money, and sends the money along with a list of customers and addresses who have paid the $1 fee at the end of each month.  If you do not pay the $1 fee, your name and address are not included in the list that month and you will not have CareFlite membership coverage should you require CareFlite transportation services. 

CareFlite has requested customers who have not completed the CareFlite Enrollment form prior or who have had changes in their household members, to complete the "Enrollment Form" on this page and return it to CareFlite, not CMSUD.  There is a QR Code on the form that you can scan and complete online OR you can call CareFlite and their representatives will be happy to help you over the phone.  CareFlite 877-339-2273



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