Developers' Steps

Hello and welcome to our District.  

Please see our Developers' Steps below.  Feel free to contact Shirley Thompson or T. Chad Wilson if we can help you. Our Service Area Map (CCN) is shown below.  For a general area, our District begins at FM 2727 and encumpasses the area to the east to the Van Zandt County Line, then from North to South, begins at Hwy 80 and encumpasses the area south to FM 1836.  As you can see in the map below, there are some areas in which our District extends past these boundaries mentioned above. 

After reviewing our Developers' Steps, we strongly recommend you contact Kaufman County Development Services.  They will schedule a meeting and pull all revelant parties to the table for you where you can hear and learn vital information from the Fire Marshal, the County Commissioner for our precinct, electrical, water, on-site sewer, and more. 

Here is the direct link for Kaufman County Development Services 

Service Area Map Service Area Map

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