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30 TAC, Section 290 states only one single family residential unit or each commercial or industrial establishment is allowed per water meter.  

When more than one single family residential unit, commercial or industrial establishment is connected to a single meter, this is considered a multiple connection.  When discovered, the District sends out a notice with instructions and information to obtain an additional water meter(s).

This is one of many regulations we are required to follow, not something our District has the authority to change or ignore.

One may say, "if I'm paying for the water both dwellings use, what does it matter".  The intent of this regulation is ensure everyone pays their equal share of the system as a whole, not just the water that is used.  A portion of our Tap fee, a fee charged when a new water meter is installed, is utilized for system improvements.  This ensures we do not have to continually increase our rates to make system improvements.  (please see the document titled One Meter per Dwelling/Residence located at the bottom of this page.)

One meter per Residence One Meter per Residence or dwelling