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THE NEW BILLING SYSTEM IS LIVE!!  If you received an email from us earlier, head on over to our website, and click on BILL PAYMENT then PAY YOUR BILL NOW.  This will take you to the Customer Portal where you can either CHECK OUT WITH QUICK PAY or REGISTER.  If you want to be able to view your bills, payment history, usage, set up eBills, auto pay, and more, you will need to REGISTER.

To REGISTER, you will need your account number and CID.  These numbers are on the email you previously received from us.  If you did not receive that email, give us a call in the morning and we will be happy to give both of those numbers to you. 

Set up Auto Pay with a debit/credit card ($2.45 convenience fee).

Login monthly to manually pay using eCheck ($1 convenience fee).

The NEW PHONE PAY is 972-460-0868 - you will need your account number and CID to use the phone pay system. (convenience fees: credit/debit card $2.45 - eCheck $1)

Please note the new bills will be available for viewing tomorrow. 

If you were previously set up for auto pay, you are not any longer and you will need to REGISTER then set up auto pay.

If you wish to utilize the Customer Portal, you will need to REGISTER.  This does not mean you have to use the payment system though, once registered you can view your account, bills, payments, usage, and more. 

Thank you all for your patience, we know the past few days have been stressful for some who have been trying to make their payments online. 

Shirley Thompson

General Manager


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