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Annual Temporary Change in Water Disinfection

Beginning March 6th and continuing through April 3rd, NTMWD will conduct their annual temporary change in water disinfection process.

Although a necessary process, it can cause a change in the taste, smell, and color of the water.  CMSUD is aware of some parts of our system where the water usage is not adequate to to pass this water through without causing these issues for customers and we increase our flushing maintenance in these areas during this process. 

If you notice these issues, we recommend you allow the water in your service line to flush by opening a faucet or two and allowing the water to run for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  If this does not correct the issues, please call our office so we can conduct additional flushing of our main lines in your area.  972-563-1355

This article by NTMWD provides more details on the importance of the annual temporary change in water disinfection as well as provides helpful tips on minimizing the change in smell. ntmwd.com/temporary-change-in-disinfectant 


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