Welcome to College Mound Special Utility District

In 1965 George Mitchell and Grady Liston began talking among themselves about the need for water on their properties. They decided with the help of their neighbors this task could be accomplished, so they began talking with their neighbors and researching what would need to be done.

College Mound Water Supply Corporation was incorporated June 14, 1965 by George H. Mitchell, B.J. Bridges, Jim R. Copeland, L.R. Garrison, and W.B. Flanery, who also served as the Corporation’s first Board of Directors.

In order to meet their obligation with FHA, the Corporation was required to have a minimum of five (5) members per mile. The Board members put on their boots and grabbed their shovels to search, find, and repair leaks.

The Corporation’s first office was located in the home of Ruth Hughy and Mr. Hughy was the first meter reader. In 1967 Rip Baldwin began reading meters and Velta Baldwin became the Corporation’s bookkeeper until 1980, when Mary Ann Rollins took it over from her home.

In 1984, the Corporation was finally able to borrow money to expand the water lines to provide water to more homes; however, they ran into a road block when they were told the Corporation must have its own office and it could not be in a home. Bobby Crow allowed the Corporation to utilize a building on his property on FM 429 for an office, which is still today referred to as ‘the old water building’.

In 1990 the office building you see on this site, located on FM 429, was built. Rip Baldwin continued to read meters for the Corporation until 1997, when we began reading meters in-house.

Over the years, the Corporation has erected three (3) elevated storage tanks, four pump stations, five (5) ground storage tanks and a pressure tank. We currently provide water to over 3300 connections, have drive-by meter reading, and have the equipment and personnel to repair our water main breaks.

There have been many great members who have served on our Board of Directors over the years and many others not mentioned who have donated their time and efforts to make this Corporation and system what it is today.

Under the direction of Board Members Maurice Pittman, Tom Atwood, Chuck Currie, Dale Wagoner, Thomas King, Paul Cauley, and Pete Slocum and General Manager Shirley Blakely, College Mound WSC converted to College Mound Special Utility District on July 1, 2014.

Our Contact Information and Hours:

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Lobby closes at 4:30 pm

College Mound Special Utility District
12731 FM 429
Terrell, Texas 75161
972 563-1355
972 551-7176 fax

Mailing address: P.O. Box 2008 Terrell, TX 75160

Our Board of Directors

Maurice Pittman – President
Tom Atwood – Vice-President
Thomas King – Secretary/Treasurer
Pete Slocum – Director
James Farr – Director
Ann King – Director
Bob Schmidtke – Director
Our Management & Staff
Shirley Blakely Thompson – General Manager
Tera Bell – Office Manager
Linda Ruddock – Customer Service
Cheyene Gunnels – Customer Service
T. Chad Wilson – Field Manager
Chase Pittman – Field Supervisor
Richard Alsip – Field Operator
Stephen Lewis – Field Operator
Kaleb Guerrero – Field Tech
Dylan Gutherie – Field Tech